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One 45 Min Session: $150

Help making a decision/choice

Communicating something difficult

Affirmation/Intention Setting

See something differently

I want to start a Business: Ideation/Intuitive Session


Strategies for overcoming 1 Fear*

Mindset Pep Talk

“Pick my Brain”

Three 45 Min Sessions: $400

Create a curriculum/program/retreat for my services business

Strategies for Speaking - Prep, Mindset, Gigs

Manifestation/Intention Setting

Forgive myself/someone/Letting Go

Limiting Self/Shadow/Ego Work*

Beginner’s Help: Developing a Meditation Practice

Creating a Signature Speech

90 day program

Reprogram beliefs, mindset

Developing a Meditation Discipline

Becoming more Self-Aware

Developing Emotional Awareness

Integration of Spirituality into Life + Business

Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Business startup

Mindful Living - Mindfulness

Developing the Leader Within

Overcoming Betrayal

And much more…

How does it work?

  1. Find the service you want

  2. Pay for it

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