Integrating Consciousness Into Your Company


Participants learn the fundamental skills to bring clarity, calm and focus into their life and practice. I teach simple, effective sitting meditation practices and other mindfulness tools tailored to the challenges most professionals face. This session is a workshop, not a lecture; it incorporates hands-on practice, guided meditations, and interactive exercises. I can tailor the length of the workshop to your preference, from one hour to a half day. Topics can range from Leadership, Authentic Connection, Inspiration/Motivation, Compassion/Empathy, Vision Planning/Intention Setting, Mindfulness/Meditation, Stress, Focus, Resilience, Productivity, Fulfillment, Ownership/Responsibility.

These can be customized for your needs. See below


Company continuity programs

I can offer your professionals ongoing support and continuity in their development of their personal development skills. The continuity program allows for deeper benefits, with more hands-on exercises, guided meditations, and specific tools for easing the daily challenges that many professionals in high-stress professions face, as well as bonding with other staff or leaders in your organization. This can be a group or individual.  The program includes:

  1. Monthly in-person or virtual sessions, each 90 minutes in length at your location (if in South Florida).

  2. Weekly, interactive emails that build on the meetings through short articles, videos, suggested exercises, and shared discussions.

  3. The option for professionals to schedule one-on-one video conference sessions with me for personalized guidance.


added value to your existing events

You may already have a summit, a conference or retreat that you are hosting for the professionals in your organization, but you feel you need a little something to make it what you envisioned. I often get hired to add value to existing events and this can look in different ways:

  • I can come in to add inspiration or “prime” attendees for the rest of the event by creating a space of positivity, inspiration;

  • Speak about the power of intention setting, vision planning, asking the right questions;

  • Engage and empower participants to go within through mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and other emotional awareness tools;

  • Teach participants about neurology, biology and the power of tools like mindfulness/meditation through proven research;

  • Leave attendees with practical ways for increasing focus, resilience, flow state, compassion, empathy, presence and decreasing stress, unconscious bias, reactive behavior



Professionals who want to follow up on a workshop, clarify a question, or focus on something specific can book a one-on-one session via Video Conference. 

We can also work together via Video Conferencing on an ongoing basis, separate from a workshop. Working one-on-one lets me customize the approach. As we get to know you, we'll explore which  techniques best fit your organization and individual personalities. I'll work with you and your staff on specific ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily routines.



Workshops may be customized to your needs braiding ancient wisdom with leadership or management components such as Sales, Leadership, Creativity/Innovation, Communication, Personality Testing/Strength Testing and Management/Leadership. An example of this is Mindfulness and Leadership, or Mindful Sales. I have an extensive business background and thus have often paired this along with science and ancient wisdom. A retreat may also be designed or an add onto an existing retreat is available. 

Contact me directly for any inquiries about the Corporate Programs: