Mamas Who Lead:

A 2 Day Retreat for Mothers who lead others and are ready to start leading themselves.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
— Gandi

Mothers are one of the single most powerful roles on the planet. They are natural born leaders.

Mothers create life from scratch, using the natural intelligence in her own body.

Mothers nourish her children with everything the child needs, all made in her own body.

Mothers determine what genes get passed down to the child, she creates the identity, teaching her child about the ways of the world, through simply being herself.

Mothers lead the pack - they lead their children, they lead their partners and husbands and they lead the world.

The mother role and figure has been honored for centuries and there are whole villages that exist today that center themselves around the mother and her role in their society. We have lost that.

Today, the mother is undervalued, under-appreciated, societal stereotypes about the mother are limiting and the world lacks the systems to support the mother role in our society.

Mothers are expected to have the career, keep up with the household, the children, support her partner/husband - leaving very little time or energy for the most important person in the world - herself. So much pressure is put on the mother from the beginning - the pregnancy, the birth, the breastfeeding, the raising of her child.

I have coached thousands of client hours with women, mostly mothers who come to me because they are stressed out, frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious. The would talk to themselves like the meanest woman they know. They were worried about the present - how to get everything done, how not to be stressed every single day. They held on to the past - against themselves and the people around them. They played small because they didn’t believe they were worthy of a life of success, of having it all, of feeling alive, or of having great sex again. They are afraid they are bad moms and the majority of them have tumultuous relationships with their mother.

They can’t find enough time in the day to do everything - the laundry, the dishes, their career, spending quality time with the kids, quality time with their husband/partner, working out - FORGET about doing any personal development or taking time to do things that make them feel alive - they are just trying to survive.


When you became a mom, you feel like in a weird way, you lost your identity, your Self. 

You’re exhausted, tired AF, sleep deprived. Some days you feel like giving up.

You pair wine or something else with your parenting to help with the edge, help you sleep, help you cope.

What you put on social media and tell your “network” is vastly different than what you are experiencing.

You wish you were more present, less stressed, less distracted

You feel guilty when you are doing something for yourself, working out, or relaxing.

You feel ashamed of not being perfect - you have felt at least once that you were a bad mom in the past.

You love to work or business, but feel guilty or conflicted about it because you're not sure how to balance it with parenting. 

You actually have a dream of impacting the world but it’s just too hard and why bother, you’re just a mom.

You worry about whether you’re doing a good job with your kids and sometimes you find yourself comparing yourself to other mothers.

You see yourself taking care of everyone else - you feel like a servant sometimes and it pisses you off.

If you said yes to any of these, and you're a mother - THERE ISN'T ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU - in fact, you will see how normal this is. 

With some little tweaks, some new tools, you will see how fast all of this can change. 

And I know, because I'm also a mom, an entrepreneur and although it's not always easy, because of my tools I keep my sanity, which keeps me calm, which means I can cope and thrive and not just survive. 

But it ALWAYS starts with you. 

Why you need this

For the past several years, I have been working with women leaders in the realm of personal and spiritual development. I have learned through working with these women, that the main areas of their life can be upgraded and straight up transformed by tweaking their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and stories about the past and who they believe they are.

Every layer of our behavior - how we speak to another, how we speak to ourselves, how we pay our bills, how we deal with challenge, how we fail, how we win, how we love, how we cope, how feel in this life - is all determined by our childhood, our parents, our culture, society and our generational history- it is our conditioning.

The powerful thing about changing this conditioning is that will change every inch of your life for the following reasons:

  • Your thoughts and emotions become your beliefs (conditioning) which become your actions which become your choices and decisions, which become your life.

  • Your thoughts and emotions are how you currently manifest (law of attraction) your life.

  • This conditioning was passed down to you by your parents and therefore will be passed down to your kids. It is also why you attracted the partner/husband you have, the situations and circumstances you’re in and where your kids will be when they are adults.

  • Thoughts and emotions are energy. It will change every particle of your life - which is a win win for the entire family. It will make your life easier and more enjoyable - cleaning, caring for the fam, /conflict/communication, sex, exercise, taking care of yourself and the world.

what this is about

This is NOT a parenting workshop. 99% of what we will be talking about is YOU - and what you think and feel about the world around you. That's right, you get time to focus on yourself. And if you have the kids, I've got that covered too. 

Get out the house, come join me and 10 other moms to laugh, cry, learn and feel seen and heard (finally) without shame, without judgment so you can liberate yourself and release some stagnant energy for you and your family. 

In this retreat, you will:

~ Gain clarity on the key parts of your past and generational history that has your mind and body on replay.

~ Get coached through some of your “issues” individually in a sacred space of love and compassion.

~ Bring home some tools that actually work to apply immediately when you have to get back to reality.

~ Feel supported without judgment and shame and get what you need and what your soul is craving.

~ Learn how to turn with resentment, guilt, and regret into understanding, power, and appreciation.

~ Experience powerful exercises in groups, pairs and by yourself that are freaking life-changing.

~ Leave with a 90 day plan with tools and journaling exercises so you can keep practicing, applying and growing.

~ Learn how energy plays into your life, how to leverage it to work for you, your family and your life.

~ Uncover who YOU are, beyond motherhood, how to make sure you get what you need, without the guilt, regret or worry.


DAY ONE: Letting Go of the Past + The Power of Presence

  • Generational Analysis - What are you up against? What were your parents like? What behaviors did you inherit?

  • Individual Analysis - What are you present to within yourself? What are your kids presenting with? What are your fears, worries, frustrations?

  • How is the Past showing up in your present?

  • Learn how to harness your God-given powers of observation (manifestation) and intuition

  • Identify the limiting stories, beliefs, conditions that are making you go on autopilot and learn how to counteract with intentionally living

  • Strengthen spiritual and energetic principles at play and how to intentionally use them to heal yourself, your family and the world

  • Experience deep sense and connection to Self and the other 9 mothers in the retreat with you

  • Power of Presence and Being Present- tools, strategies, coaching on real-life examples

  • Letting Go, Forgiveness, Compassion for yourself, your parents, your ex, your kids

DAY TWO: Become the Visionary

  • Vision Planning and Intention Setting

  • Define your New Story and Family identity - Family Values, Traditions, Practices, Goals

  • Individual Hotseat Coaching for all 10 women - experience 1 on 1 coaching where we work through the hot issue we’ve identified so you can break through, reframe your perspective, get your power back, get your sanity back

  • Guided Imagery to access the unconscious mind - a type of hypnotic exercise where we access all of your buried and repressed experiences that are bubbling up into the now

  • Experience tools for accessing your power and grounding in the present when $h!t hits the fan90 Day Personal Development Plan for Stepping into your power, your new Self, your new reality

  • Learn how to Anchor in Purpose and find meaning in everything

  • Learn how to use the Universe in your parenting and leadership

  • Learn how to apply this on a grander more global scale so you can “do your part” in the world crisis


  • Video Modules of spiritual principles and your first meditation that you can start now

  • 1- Individual Call (30 minutes each) for each woman



TIME: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

WHERE: 1550 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL


INCLUDES: Lunch + coffee + snacks both days, a workbook