How Often Do You Use Your "Powers"?

The day I found out the "secret" about the Universe, I remember feeling almost upset that I hadn't learned it earlier. That the first part of my life was a sham - so much unneeded suffering. I eventually got over it as I became more aware, more connected, realizing that I wasn't ready to receive the information, which is why I hadn't learned it until then. But at the time, I couldn't understand why I wasn't taught that in school. Rather than learning theories and taking classes that I would never use in real life, why wasn't I taught about my inherent power of intelligence? Why wasn't I taught that I could collapse invisible waves of information into particles of my desire using my thoughts and feelings? Why wasn't I taught how to meditate or that mindfulness would expand my brain so much that I could become smarter, sharper and better at dealing with the stresses of life?  That would've been helpful!!

So when I had the chance, I left my old career of being an attorney so I can educate the world of this Truth. My goal is that one day it will be in schools, that this knowledge will be so mainstream and stop being classified as WOO WOO.

And when I became a mom, it became a part of my mission to educate my kids about the Truth about who they are. My daughter, now 5, knows about her chakras, that she is energy and is a part of everything in her reality. She knows the trees are alive and that we are all connected. She knows she has "powers" and has used it already to manifest things in her life. 

The other day my mom was in town visiting, and told me this story of their escapades out and about. They were in search of a store to buy something she needed for school. When they got to the store, it looked as if it were closed. My mom said, "Oh, I hope it's open!" My daughter replied with, "Abu, if you believe it will be open, it will be. That's how it works." 

It makes me so happy to know that she is already learning this information, about who she is - creative potential. That she is connected to others - so she can recognize herself in others. That she is connected to the Earth and that it is alive - so she can begin to take care of it. She is using this everyday and it has become who she is. This is what the future of our human race needs- for us all to wake up.

Now, if you are reading this, there is a part of you that believes you also have powers. You believe you can manifest, make things happen with your mind. The problem I see in working with my students is that they don't 100% believe they create the reality around them. There is a limited view on their own manifesting powers. You co-create the ENTIRE reality you see. That's right, YOU. For some reason, there is a manifesting movement right now that shows us we write things down or think about the things we desire, and then we try to manifest them. And if we don't see a fast turnaround (like we do with everything else in our lives) we don't believe it's really happening. But if you're a big dreamer like I am, just imagine what might need to happen in order to make your dreams a reality. Things need to be built or broken down. People need to shift around. You need to be ready and have created space for this thing you've asked for. Subtle shifts occurring in the Universe that you can't see. But believe it. You've got powers, baby.

So how am I so damn sure? Well for starters, it's been proven. I've read the research on how just by observing i.e. thinking, we can collapse the wave-particle function , i.e. manifest. I've also experienced this for years myself. I think and I see it happen. And the more aware I become - because it neverends - you think you're aware now, but believe me, you never stop - I see more and feel more. 

So I want to ask you, how often are you using your powers? Daily? Weekly? Only when you do a vision board or when you have time to journal? If you really believed in all of this, wouldn't you only focus on what you want ALL THE TIME? Why would you focus on anything else??

This should be a daily and then moment to moment practice. Practice being present as often as you can remember. Start your day off with a meditation and visualization, then think about the intentions you want to set. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you need to be today? You'll realize how much faster and efficient life will become once you work smarter - using your mind, using intentions - rather than harder - more doing, acting. 

Connect to the ideal version of you - because in some potential reality, the happy, healthy version of you ALREADY exists. You just need to let her show up and you can do this by BEING her already. Don't get tripped up with what your reality looks like and that "something" needs to occur first. Just BElieve it. And then let me know. Because I love hearing these stories! And if you have one that I believe will help the world, I'll interview you for my book coming out this Winter. 

Stay Mindful, 




Love is Who We Are.


As a mom with 2 kids, and EVERYTHING else I do currently - I can lose myself quickly. I used to feel guilty anytime I'd lose my patience or when I'd get frustrated and flustered. Then I realized- I'm not perfect, I will never be perfect, and that is OK because I am human and I need to ALWAYS be growing, especially as a Spiritual Teacher. 

When you allow acceptance into your life, the energy shifts from resistance to flow. It becomes a beautiful opportunity every time, and you can actually see it that way. Now, it is not always easy, believe me. When I'm knee high with Barbies, paint, slime and also trying to answer client texts and emails - I get stressed. But this is where I have learned to let love lead. 

Love is what and who we are. It is fear and everything else that we have learned and become. This is evident by nature - everything flows with loving kindness. The bee doesn't hate you when it stings you. The flower doesn't get frustrated when it cannot reach the light. The sun doesn't feel competitive over the moon. There is only love. 

So when we can tap into this ourselves - love for ourselves, love for each other, letting go of the resistance, shaking off the stagnation, releasing anything we are holding on to, and instead loving and being here - JUST HERE, right now with ourselves, with each other, we are ALWAYS at our best. Because our best is who we really are. When we think too much or limit ourselves or others, we put up walls, protection, ego, judgment - fear runs the show. 

So here are some ways to invite more love into your body, mind and life:

  1. Meditate - meditation slows your mind down, it connects you to the parts of your brain that activate empathy, altruism, compassion, overriding the limbic fear and stress response part of your brain. It also allows you to stop reacting, see the world for what it really is - love and information, rather than any past meanings we have created in our minds. Here is one of my favorites that will open your heart. CLICK HERE
  2. Allow- bring love in, requires us to allow it in. We must be open to receive as there is a flowing through that happens. If we resist it because of fear or judgment, we stop the flow in our lives and into the collective. Allow it in - be vulnerable, and open. Love fearlessly and don't expect anything in return. 
  3. Accept- we must accept who we have become and who we see others as in order to bring more love into our lives. When we don't accept, we create resistance in our minds which causes suffering. We become uneasy about things and again stop the flow. Accept and you shall see things move. 
  4. Respond- Life is simply responding back to you at every moment - an energetic reflection of you. Everything - us, you, me, everything belong to a fluid field of energy that is who we are, within us, through us, and connects us. Thus, everything that comes into your awareness is feedback or a response to you. Learn to simply respond back. Anything other than simply responding back to this information is resistance. 

When we learn to become more aware, we can do all of these thing with ease, because it is our true essence. Awareness allows us to tap into this true part of ourselves. Everything that isn't awareness isn't who we REALLY are - it is the parts of us that hold on, resist, fear and judge. 

Learn more about awareness and become an Aware Self in my newest program! Click here for more details! 

The Stranger Myth: We Were Meant to Meet

You're waiting in line at the coffee shop and the person behind you sparks up a conversation with you about the scones. Next thing you know, you exchange something unexpected - maybe a message you were waiting for. Maybe a lesson or reminder. Maybe even just a smile that you needed. How did they know? What a coincidence! Right when I needed it! How is that possible? 

Ever have a moment of reflection like that? Well I'm here to tell you that strangers are not real. There is no such thing as a stranger. I know - I know. You're mom told you not to say hello to strangers. Meaning, don't talk to anyone you don't already know, except for friends, family etc. Which may be why it might be hard for you to get comfortable with speaking to people you don't know - just a quick note. But I'm here to debunk your mom, and here's why... 

Let's start from the beginning. Can you agree with me that there are no coincidences? There is a certain "order" in the Universe that orchestrates the world with a certain precision or intelligence. Therefore there are no "coincidences" or "mistakes". Because if there were, then we would be saying that there is a flaw or mistake in the fabric of the Universe and that is false. Based on the fact that there are no coincidences or mistakes, then there must be a purpose for everything. Everything is intentionally created. If it wasn't supposed to be there, it just wouldn't be. If it exists, there must have been a reason for it's existence or else it wouldn't exist at all. The mere existence of something, tells us there is a purpose. So based on this idea, people can never be "strangers". This is what I call the Divinity of Relationships. 

Let's go back to the coffee shop example. Although you may not personally know (or think you know) the person who sparks up a conversation with you, based on the Divinity of Relationships, you were both supposed to be there at that exact moment, standing in line next to each other. If you weren't both meant to be there, then you just wouldn't be there or someone would be minutes late, and the encounter would never happen. Therefore it is a Divine Encounter , an encounter of purpose and meaning. What's interesting is that because most of us carry that old "Don't talk to strangers" tape in our heads from childhood, we don't see the opportunity of speaking with people we don't know. 

Let's take it back to the coffee shop. The Divinity of Relationships tells us that based on the ancient spiritual principles and science of energy, every single person at the coffee shop at that exact moment or any given moment, is supposed to be there. Therefore, theoretically if you went up to every single person and sparked up a conversation, there would be meaning in the encounter for you or for them. No mistakes or coincidences! 

The realization of this idea has transformed how I see my life. I used to be super shy and uncomfortable with speaking to people I didn't know. But once I realized that I was missing out on opportunities - opportunities to learn or teach, and they were all meant for me - no matter where I was - then I shifted my perspective and now I make a point to speak to anyone I can. 

Sometimes it's just a smile or a hello. Maybe its being compassionate to someone if they are in a bad mood or having a bad day. Maybe it's a conversation so they know they matter. Whoever it is, I try to leave them in a better place than when they met me. It has become a way of being and it's made me happier because I'm in alignment with the natural flow of the Universe (rather than resistance) and I'm giving the gift of attention. It's a win win. Not to mention, I always gain something too. Maybe it's the smile I need, or a message, or a connection. It's an opportunity that we usually miss because we think we are separate. We are all connected, all one, all a piece of the fabric of the Universe. One love, baby. 

I challenge you to debunk the Stranger Myth this week. Try it out - see every encounter as an opportunity. Could be on the phone with customer service or at the coffee shop. Maybe it's a birthday party or the ladies bathroom. No coincidences. No mistakes. 



The Confidence Factor

So I'm having an event February 11 called the Confidence Factor (You can check it out here). 

And I decided to have this event because over the past month in talking to women I've had a lot of self-reflection of where I came from. I've been telling my story of where I am now and where I was, but I guess I hadn't really stopped and thought about it - the immense transformation I have gone through. 

The Universe provided me with opportunities this month to remember so I wanted to share it with you.

That I had zero confidence and self-esteem which affected me in every area of my life. I remember being such an amazing athlete and giving up before the finish line because I was afraid. Not jumping on opportunities because I was too scared. Not telling someone how I really felt because of fear. No self-care, I was promiscuous, and didn't value my worth.  I was addicted to drinking and drugs and escaping constant from my reality. 

I didn't actually realize I was smart until law school, and I didn't fully own it until much later. I had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I remember being so mean to myself and the names I would call myself in my head. 

I had no friends. No relationships. I ruined all of them with fear and avoidance of conflict. 

That at one point, my marriage was a co-dependent relationship where I depended on my husband to fulfill me and complete me in all the voids of my life. So when he decided to have a life or he started to become successful I was filled with severe insecurity and jealousy and fear which almost broke us apart. 

I felt like a victim to my own life. Chaos. Powerlessness. Holding myself to impossible standards which set myself up for failure. Seeing a vision of who I wanted to be, but not believing in myself enough to try to get there. 

I can put myself back there and see it.

And then I remember reaching my 30's and there was one birthday where I woke up and thought, holy shit, I love myself! I don't want to be anyone else! 

And I've only fallen deeper and deeper in love with myself since. Embracing all of my scars, cracks, imperfections, and flaws. It's what makes me, ME. And I wouldn't change a damn thing. 

I'll be sharing my journey on February 11, along with what I did (and what I do daily) to keep stepping up my game. 

You can register here if you'd like to join me. 

Feel it. See it. Be it.

Wow! This year has been one hell of a year already!! Scared the crap out of myself a few times, but it was all worth it. Limits give us comfort, that's why they're there. So when we push them, the process can be a little scary.

This has been the theme of my year so far. Pushing my limits.

As you may know if you've been following my journey, I had a HUGE fear of public speaking. Terrified of connection, vulnerability, authenticity and communication, aka PEOPLE. So instead of running towards them, I'd run away. I'd avoid conflict and all conversations generally, especially with strangers. I was super comfortable with the comfortable. Until one day, I decided to change all of that. A simple (not easy) decision.

So after pushing myself for about a couple years now, into this new realm of public speaking, I am happy to say I am done being afraid of it. So much so, that I actually love it. 

My dream has always been to speak about things that I'm passionate about and that matter to the world on stages that create change. My big dream is to travel the world as a global leader of change, speaking my passion about humanity and compassion as a humanitarian to inspire change in the world. 

About a couple of months ago when this all showed up for me in a meditation, I decided that this was going to happen and so I started to visualize it. 

Then a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to apply to speak in front of a crowd of 10,000 people about my message, and so I applied - what the hell, right?

And when I got selected, I don't think I understood the magnitude of this until... I got on stage. 

Being terrified was an understatement LOL! You could feel the energy of the crowd penetrating your veins. It was so overwhelming. 

But thank goodness I had visualized this moment over and over again in the days leading up to this event, so I was able to get myself centered quickly as I had done so many times in my visualization. 

You see breaking limits are scary because we don't know what's beyond them. What would we see or feel? What would the consequence be? Can I handle it? 

But when you experience it a few times before it actually happens, it takes some of the "scary" out of it. 

So I invite you to try to live more intentionally. You can do this on a daily basis or right before you're about to break the rooftop off. 
What does it feel like? 
What do you see? 
Who do you need to be? 
Connect to it. Feel it. See it. BE IT. 

I use this technique (modified and expanded of course) with myself and my clients and the outcome is INCREDIBLE.

Want more confidence? 
Want less fear?
Want more love? 
Want more power? 

Visualize it. 

You are SO powerful. All you have to do is believe. 

Watch my speech here:



Monotasking in the Workplace

Have you heard of the term Monotasking yet? 

It's when you focus on one task at a time, versus multitasking where you focus on a variety of tasks at a time. 

What's interesting is for the longest time, people believed that multitasking was a great quality. We even put it on resumes as a skill. 

But there’s a lot of different research showing that if you do several different things at one time, you make so many errors, it’s done carelessly, you have to go back and redo things, other people have to correct you. So now there’s more of a shift towards ‘How do we train our brains to do one thing at a time again with total attention?' -->THE ART OF MONOTASKING.

So what exactly are the benefits of monotasking? You are left feeling more focused and with greater clarity to work strategically because you have your full attention in one place, all your creativity channeled to one task. 

Companies are seeing this as now seeing this as performance enhancement which boots productivity and ultimately profit. 

Are you a multitaskter or a monotasker? I'd love to hear your comments!


If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what would you be doing today?

This past week I signed up to become a member of this awesome community space called the Center for Social Change. During the member orientation, I was asked, "If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what would you be doing today?"

I love these thought provoking questions because they shock you into thinking about things outside of your daily routine forcing you to think and tap into your creativity. 

So what would you do? Would you spend your last day working at your 9-5? Would you spend it worrying about paying your bills or that the kitchen isn't clean? Would you leave the Earth stressed and worried? 

It was interesting to listen to the various answers that were said. One guy said he wanted to do lots of drugs and have lots of sex lol. The whole room of course chuckled at this answer but it was so honest. 

For the most part, the entire room said they wanted to be with family or away traveling and doing something really awesome. They all wanted to be surrounded by love and doing things that mattered and that they've always wanted to do. 

But why do we wait until our last moments to do this? Why do we wait until literally the day we die to do the things that matter in our lives or the things we've always wanted to do? Why wait? Why not do it now? Why do we continue to live the life we hate or aren't jumping up and down with joy for? Why do we stay in a relationship that we aren't passionate about or just kinda happy with? Why not be in one with someone we are crazy about? Why not live a life we are crazy about? And do things that make our heart sing? Why are we living life kinda happy? 

This is the sort of realization I had when I was on top of a mountain in the middle of the ocean on my honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands. I invested $200,000 and 3.5 years of my life in a career I was kinda happy with, but was giving me panic attacks. What the hell was I doing? Why was I slaving away when I only have one life?  Why the hell wasn't I enjoying my life NOW? I was so stressed during my honeymoon it was hard at first to enjoy the incredible beauty of the island and just to relax. It was this discovery that led me to choose to be happy now. To make the decision to live my life in a way that some might not agree with but to me, it was the only way. So I left my law firm and followed my heart. 

Following your heart is a daily decision. We need to first know what it means and feels to follow our hearts. I meet so many women who are just like me. They focused their entire lives on their professional lives and careers and then they have an oh shit moment. What now?? Who the hell am I? What do I want? 

My answer to this is this: 

You are SO lucky. You're lucky you didn't wait or have this Oh Shit moment when you found out you were going to die tomorrow. You are finding this out NOW when you have the WHOLE REST OF YOUR LIFE to live! How amazing is this!!

All it takes is a shift. A shift in perspective of I have so much missing in my life, to this is space for something new and exciting. When we look at our lives this way, we bring in gratitude, the energy that will shift your circumstances. 

Listen. The key to this journey is listening. Listening with your heart and your feelings.  Take note of your feelings as your daily life happens. What do you love doing? What excites you? If you can't hear anything, be still. Slow down for 3 minutes and meditate. If you don't have time for this, do you have time to feel like shit? Everything in our lives is a choice. 

Stay open and take action.  Once you find a way, any way, even if it's out of left field, explore it. We have tunnel vision in our own lives. The Universe on the other hand knows what we don't know and knows what's best for us. Try it, do it, take the leap. What's the worst thing that could happen? You might be the happiest you've ever dreamed of? 

This journey back to you, is the most beautiful journey you will every take of unfolding and becoming. It is what we are here for. To figure out who we are and as we love ourselves more because we are finally being who we are meant to be, we end up loving others more. It makes the world a better place. 

Don’t wait to begin your life, or live your dream. Find out more about my Next Level You Strategy Day and how you can move forward powerfully!

Until next time beauties!


Watch my TEDx Talk about my journey!


Staying Motivated When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

When we feel numb or lack motivation, it feels impossible to grow our business or show up in life. Life is made up of cycles with ups and downs, so knowing how to react to these "lows" are essential to keeping momentum in your life and stay awake to opportunities. It is also important for our happiness and mental sanity. 

So how do we do this? How do we stay motivated when we feel like crap? 

1. BE PRESENT. Staying mindful and present is key here. You can do this by using your breath and body awareness. The presence is where the magic happens and where we are most happiest. We lose this when we are worried about the past or the future. 

2. GET UP AND MOVE. Our physiology has everything to do with how we feel. If you slump over or have a depressed posture, you will feel this same way emotionally and mentally. Do like Bob Marley and Get up, Stand up! Move your body and shake it off and you will literally shake off your funk.

3. DO SOMETHING THAT EXCITES YOU. Create opportunities where you feel excited and passionate. This can be dancing, being creative, being around people or working out. Do what works for you. This will create a feeling of inspiration and euphoria, the fuel behind motivation. 

4. GRATITUDE. What can you be thankful for right now? Sure, you're life isn't perfect, it won't ever be, so being thankful RIGHT NOW is vital to getting motivated. 

Here are the full steps and explanations: 



Alright, hope this helps! Please let me know what you think and as always, let me know what you want to hear! 

Create a Morning Ritual

When we wake up from sleep is a pivotal time in our day. Minutes after we open our eyes is called the twilight period. Our brain is still catching up and we are still not awake. Most of us reach for our phone right when we wake up and begin looking on social media or emails. This sets our day into reaction mode right from the start and we never get out of it. We are reacting and stuck in this cycle all day and it becomes harder to create space for strategy or creativity.

What can we do differently? How about start of your day consciously. Start it off with space and stillness. Check out my latest video to find out how you can set yourself up for success before you day even starts. 

This is what I personally do and it helps me tremendously. I'm not perfect of course, and when I grab for my phone, my day is significantly different than on days I stay away from technology and start with intentions. Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! 

Intuition vs. Ego

Being human, allows us to experience the world through 2 different ways: the Self and the Ego. When we experience life through the Self or Spirit, we are aligned with our dharma, our path. We experience life as limitless possibilities and in a high vibration. We experience miracles, blessings and synchronicities, where life just seems to be working for us. Everything is going our way. We feel in control and intuned, attracting our desires and experiencing joy and fulfillment. When we experience life through the Ego, we look at life with fear-colored glasses. We are afraid to try new things, we judge moments and people, we fail to use creativity in our lives and our decisions and we do what we've always done. Through this experience, we feel disconnected, alone, afraid and weak. We forget that we are apart of the whole and life seems very unpredictable and scary. Every moment, we have a choice to decide how we want to live our life. Though Spirit or through Ego. When we live life through Spirit, we have full access and hear our intuition clearly. Our intuition is our inner GPS system that guides us along our spiritual journey, telling us to move forward or step back. When we are living in fear and through Ego, we have lots of noise in our mind and can usually not hear our intuition very well. Even if we did, because we are living in this way, there is a lack of trust that exists, which leads to more bad choices which leads to more mistrust. Check out my video below for tips on how to hear the difference- how to listen to our intuition. I even threw in a bonus meditation for you to start activating your intuition. Hope you enjoy!



As always, leave a comment below, let me know what you think, if you want to hear a particular topic or if you have a question. I am always available and have lots to share! Email me if you need some support: 

Have a beautiful day!! xoxo

7 Simple Secrets to Communicating Effectively

Communication has never been easy for me. In fact, I ran the other way when I had to communicate ANYTHING, especially if it was anything difficult. I was terrified of asking to get my needs met, and so they of course never got met. I was left feeling incomplete, and I ruined relationships left and right. This was no way to live. A business coach of mine once told me, "Anything can be solved with communication." She was right. So after lots of practice, and hard work, I learned how to communicate powerfully and effectively and from my heart. This skill can be used in so many situations and with any and all relationships in your life. Here is how I do  it: 



Kick Fear in the Bootay With These 7 Steps

Is fear stopping you in your tracks? Are you not doing something that would make all the difference in your life or business, because you're afraid of it? 

Fear invades us all. There is no real way to get away from it. But we can learn how to stay empowered and above the fear, it at least won't run your life. How you react to the circumstances in your life makes all the difference. 

Watch this video for 7 steps on how to kick fear in the behind and stay in the driver's seat. 

How You May Be Sabotaging Your Own Success and Personal Growth

As children, we are graded against each other, and we are picked against each other on the kick ball team during recess. As women, we grow up with supermodels and actresses in tiny bikinis, as our role models. We were born in competition and comparison.

The problem with this is: we are giving the wrong signals to the Universe that may be blocking our success and personal growth. 

Find out how to avoid this from happening and what to do in the event you find yourself in a position of jealousy or feeling less than awesome. 

What To Do When You Have Scatter Brain

We all get scattered from time to time. The to do list gets bigger and never seems to go away. Somehow our days are filled with stuff and super busy but nothing gets done. How is this possible? 

Watch this episode and find out why you may be getting scattered and what to do about it. 

Now it's your turn! Share with me how you stay focused and stay on track, I'd love to hear it! 

Wishing you lots of Spiritual Success, 

Monica Reyes


5 Ways to Stay Grounded When You're Having a Spiritual "Off" Day

I wish I could tell you that everyday will be filled with rainbows and butterflies. I wish I could tell you that you're going to feel amazing every single day, and there won't be downturns in your life. I would be lying. I also would be doing a disservice to you.

You see, our lives would be quite different without these downturns. We would be bland and exactly the same. The downturns are what shape us, refine us, humble us. They etch our "realness" into us so we can effectively help and serve humanity. They allow us to connect and to FEEL. They bring us perspective and strength. They are what make us human. I wouldn't want it any other way. 

There is a beauty in the breakdown, in the destruction of something old. In that destruction, lies a seed of new and better. And in new and better lies your happiness. It's the learning of life, and as we master each component, we grow and shape into who we're meant to be. Some of the learning is really hard and freaking sucks. And as you push yourself towards self-discovery, there is A LOT of learning. But what's right around the corner, is A LOT of happiness. A different kind of happiness. A deeper happiness. 

So how do we stay grounded and hunker down during our "learning time" or when we're having an "off" day?

  1. Remember You are Not alone. "The presence of fear is a sign, you're relaying on your own strength." - A Course of Miracles. We are not alone! We are SO far from it! The Universe has our back at all times. The world is a scary place when you think about about how small and fragile you are in this big unpredictable, scary world. But if you remember that you not only have your own strength to rely on, but the strength of the Universe, it's not so scary. And if you remember that at all times we are co-creating our lives with the Universe, all of a sudden we feel a little more powerful.  When was the last time you asked the Universe for direction or clarity on a situation? If it is anything less than daily, it's time to start. Especially when you're feeling down or powerless. Ask the Universe for strength or gratitude or love. Whatever you feel at the moment will bring you out of the funk. 

  2. Connect to Love. Love and fear cannot exist at the same time. So if you're feeling down, purposefully connect to love. Get around kids or puppies. Volunteer or serve. Get in front of nature or call your best friend. If you ask the Universe that this is what you need, the Universe will provide you with the way, the opportunity for love. Gratitude is the fastest way to raise your vibration. The first thing I tell my client when they sign on with me is to start a daily gratitude list. 5 Things they are grateful for (1 about themselves). This connects you to the vibration of gratitude, your heart opens, and you begin to align and attract what you love and desire. When our vibration is low, we are negative and we align and attract  things that are low in vibration such as sickness, disease, lack, bad luck etc. 
  3. Get Reconnected to the Universe. Meditation and practicing mindfulness are the best tools for reconnecting to the Universe. By practicing either of these, your capacity of awareness increases, allowing you to catch limiting behavior so you can correct it. You begin to live in the present more often so you are out of your head and out of the past and future. Your stress is reduced significantly and your ability to be neutral during tough times are increased. You'll probably experience synchronicities or coincidences more often, as you align and become more in tuned with the rhythm of the Universe. You'll feel lighter, and things will flow more easily. 
  4. Breathe. When in doubt, breathe. It's free, and always with you at all times. It is run by the intelligence of the Universe, so it will always bring you back to the present. Just breathe, focus on your breathing, and reconnect to the beauty of the stillness that lives within you. This will ground you immediately to the NOW. The now is where your power lies. You lose your power when you are in the past (because you can't change it), and when you are in the future (because it is uncertain and unknown). All you ever have is NOW. 
  5. Accept the moment. Accept the moment as if you have chosen it. A quote from Eckart Tolle that impacted me the most in my life. This forces you to embrace where you are, which is the first step to changing your life. You cannot move on from where you are until you embrace and accept where you are. This also shifts your perspective from reaction to empowerment. A key element to being happy and positive.

These are just 5 ways to get you grounded. There are so many tools and ways available to us to keep us rooted during tumultuous times. The goal is to find the balance between rooted and flexible. We want to be grounded and solid but we also want to be able to flow with change and remain flexible to what life brings our way. Being too attached to anything- the way you do things, even being attached to having a good day, is not healthy and can keep us stuck. Accepting that life is always changing, that everything is temporary and has an impermanence to it, is important and helpful. Life will have it's ups and downs, it is how you react that makes all the difference. 

A phrase that got me through some of the hardest times was, "This too shall pass". And it always does. The sun will always shine after the darkness, because that is the cycle of life. And we are a part of that cycle. 

Share any other tips and tools that you use to get through these times, I'd love to hear them! If you're still having a hard time, I have a formula I use to get through any situation or block I'd love to share with you. Let's Chat!

Sending you all Spiritual Success!