Rewriting Your Story:

A 3 Day Retreat to Learn to Leverage Your Power as a Mother to Rewrite the Story in Your Mind and of Your Life

A transitional character is one who, in a single generation, changes the entire course of a lineage. They somehow find a way to metabolize the poison and refuse to pass it on to their children. They break the mold. They filter the destructiveness out of their own lineage so the generations downstream will have a supportive foundation upon which to build productive lives.
— Dr. Carlfred Broderick, PHD

Mothers are one of the single most powerful roles on the planet.

Mothers create life from scratch, using the natural intelligence in her own body.

Mothers nourish her children with everything the child needs, all made in her own body.

Mothers determine what genes get passed down to the child, she creates the identity, teaching her child about the ways of the world, through simply being herself.

The mother role and figure has been honored for centuries and there are whole villages that exist today that center themselves around the mother and her role in their society. We have lost that.

Today, the mother is undervalued, under-appreciated, beliefs about the mother are limiting and the world lacks the systems to support the mother role in our society. However, the mother continues to be the most important role in our society.

I have coached thousands of client hours with women, mostly mothers who come to me for things like more peace in themselves and their life, wanting to feel better about themselves, and ultimately wanting to be a better woman, mother and wife/partner.

I have learned through myself and through working with these women, that the main areas of their life can be upgraded by transforming their relationship to the past events of their life. Every layer of our behavior - how we speak to another, how we speak to ourselves, how we pay our bills, how we deal with challenge, how we fail, how we win, how we love, how we cope, how feel in this life - is all determined by our childhood, our parents, and our generational history.

This history is so powerful it causes our identities to be wrapped up in the stories of this past, our genes relics of the generations before. These emotional stories are passed from generation to generation, wounding and limiting the next, passing down behaviors and emotional trauma passed down to us by our parents, and then back down to our children. This cycle will happen for generations to come, until an aware person, or Transitional Character, decides to break the cycle and choose not to pass down these ways of being and living down to their children.

By being Transitional Characters, we can acknowledge the existence of emotional trauma and wounds that live inside our bodies, we can heal our entire life, and heal for generations to come.

It only takes this one aware person to break this chain, and change the trajectory of the future generations to come, and it starts by going within, by consciously healing and breaking through the past, by being the natural leader we are and planning for the future with intention and vision.

I believe I was this for my family. I was the first to go to college and law school. I discovered the power of generational history in reading about a proven area of scientific study called epigenetics which discovered that through our genes we pass down the information that evolution has discovered is the most important as human beings - HOW TO BE in this world.


When you became a mom, you feel like in a weird way, you lost your identity, your Self. 

You feel like you’re living 2 identities that conflict - you’re a mother and you’re you. When you’re not feeling guilty, you’re feeling exhausted. You long for peace and calm within yourself and your household. 

You pair wine with your parenting to help with the edge. 

You wish you were more present, less stressed, less distracted

You feel guilty when you are doing something for yourself or when you use technology to give yourself a break.

You feel ashamed of not being perfect - and don't want the world to know what a shitshow your life really is. 

You love to work, but feel guilty or conflicted about it because you're not sure how to balance it with parenting. 

You feel disconnected at times and struggle to find time for yourself. 

If you said yes to any of these, and you're a mother - THERE ISN'T ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU - in fact, you will see how normal this is. 

With some little tweaks, some new tools, you will see how fast all of this can change. 

And I know, because I'm also a mom, an entrepreneur and although it's not always easy, because of my tools I keep my sanity, which keeps me calm, which means I can cope and thrive and not just survive. 

It starts with you. 

what this is about

This is not just another parenting workshop. In fact, most of what we will be talking about is YOU. That's right, you get time to focus on yourself. And if you have the kids, I've got that covered too. 

Get out the house, come join me and 9 other moms to laugh, cry, learn and feel seen and heard (finally) without shame, without judgment so you can liberate yourself for you and your family. 

In this retreat, you will:

~ Gain clarity on what you are really coping from, why you're so damn stressed

~ Work through some of your “issues” in a safe space - welcome to the Chrysalis - where you’ll come in a caterpillar and come out a butterfly.

~ Bring home some tools that actually work to apply immediately when you have to get back to reality

~ Feel supported without judgment and shame and get what you need off your chest

~ Learn how to deal with resentment, guilt, and regret 

~ Experience powerful exercises in groups, pairs and by yourself that are life-changing

~ Leave with a workbook with journaling questions, meditations, and mindfulness tools

~ Learn how energy plays into your life, how to leverage it to work for you

~ Uncover who YOU are, beyond motherhood, how to make sure you get what you need, without the guilt, regret or worry.


DAY ONE: Letting Go of the Past

  • Generational Analysis - What are you up against? What were your parents like? What behaviors did you inherit?

  • Individual Analysis - What are you present to within yourself? What are your kids presenting with? What are your fears, worries, frustrations?

  • How is the Past showing up in your present?

  • Learn how to harness your God-given powers of observation (manifestation) and intuition

  • Identify the limiting stories, beliefs, conditions that are making you go on autopilot and learn how to counteract with intentionally living

  • Strengthen spiritual and energetic principles at play and how to intentionally use them to heal yourself, your family and the world

  • Experience deep sense and connection to Self and the other 9 mothers in the retreat with you

DAY TWO: The Power of Presence

  • Power of Presence and Being Present- tools, strategies, coaching on real-life examples

  • Letting Go, Forgiveness, Compassion for yourself, your parents, your ex, your kids

  • Individual Hotseat Coaching for all 10 women - experience 1 on 1 coaching where we work through the hot issue we’ve identified so you can break through, reframe your perspective, get your power back, get your sanity back

  • Guided Imagery to access the unconscious mind - a type of hypnotic exercise where we access all of your buried and repressed experiences that are bubbling up into the now

  • Experience tools for accessing your power and grounding in the present when $h!t hits the fan

DAY THREE: Become the Visionary

  • Vision Planning and Intention Setting

  • Define your New Story and Family identity - Family Values, Traditions, Practices, Goals

  • 90 Day Personal Development Plan for Stepping into your power, your new Self, your new reality

  • Learn how to Anchor in Purpose and find meaning in everything

  • Learn how to use the Universe in your parenting and leadership

  • Learn how to apply this on a grander more global scale so you can “do your part” in the world crisis


  • Video Modules of spiritual principles and your first meditation that you can start now

  • 1- Individual Call (30 minutes each) for each woman



TIME: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

WHERE: 1550 NW 36 Street, Miami, FL

INVESTMENT: $995 or 3 bi-weekly Payments of $350

INCLUDES: Lunch all 3 days, a workbook