Professional Speaking

My love for speaking was a surprise for me because for most of life I was an introverted person. Afraid to shine, afraid to be seen. But something happened on my first stage. I felt something. I felt alive. 

I have spoken for a variety of groups, demographics, ages, organizations. My background in law helps me connect with corporate and business settings, as well as bring the intangible and the ancient to the logic-favoring and modern audiences. 

My largest stage was 10,000 people in the Women's March in South Florida. And I just did my first TEDx talk in South Florida in April 2018.

My style is deep. I am an emotional, inspiring, heart-opening speaker with a sense of humor. I have been told I am relatable, powerful, and activating. 

Below are some of my most popular presentations. For any specific questions about my speaking, please email:


Signature presentations and Workshops

  • Aware Leadership: Using Awareness To Lead the World
  • Becoming a Disruptor: Using Mindfulness to Unlock Innovation
  • The Confidence Factor: Meditate Your Way to Being More Confident
  • Learning to Leverage Your Mindset: Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Ancient Principles for a High Performance Life
  • Building the Habit of Being Intentional
  • The Power of You: Accessing Awareness towards your Potential

For more information and examples of Monica's speaking experience, please visit the Media section.