I am a guide. I am a teacher.

I help you awaken to your full potential.

I help unlock the potential already inside you.  

I am a woman who found herself after being lost for many years. A mama and wife who believes in family first. An entrepreneur who loves this journey. In my past life, I served the world as an attorney and have owned multiple companies (many which have failed), one of which was a law firm, and I co-produced some big events. I have been through multiple spiritual awakenings, I have a consistent meditation practice, and I'm a Kundalini Yoga instructor. I've taught classes at 4am and I've meditated on a mountain for 8 hours (3 days in a row) with a thousand other yogis. 

I've been broke. Drunk. Lost. Depressed. Suicidal. I've been there and here and back there. All a part of my journey, all leading me right here to this place. I wouldn't change a thing, because it would change me.  Every detail of my story is an exact ingredient needed in order to give me what was needed for my mission.

But I didn't always see it this way. It took years of intentional work, a consistent daily discipline, and lots of forgiveness and compassion to get me through. All of which I continue to do every, single, day. In order to help the world, I need to walk the walk. 

Today, I am a bridge. I get the achiever, change-maker, leader side- the part of you that has drive, gets sh*t done, that achieves things, BIG things, talks the corporate talk and walks the walk. I also get the side of you that is unseen - the creative potential-  the part of you that is essence, the part that is waiting to be fulfilled, waiting for you to call on it, already in existence as a probability. 

I believe this life is a combination of both - our Soul and our biology, and everything we do - business, parenting, leading, and how we do it is an expression of both of these. 

I work to guide you to align these parts of you so you feel authentic, awake and alive.

What I have found in my experience of both is that everything we are looking for is already within us. It is us. We are 99.999% Energy, along with everything else in our lives. All a part of a vast, infinite network of fields of energy - a framework, a fabric, connecting us all to each other and to everything. This is the Universe. And we are creators of this reality - co-creating with the Universe. 

We are just SO damn busy and inside our heads to see it and feel it. We feel moments of it. When we feel like someone is "off", or when something excites us. We might feel drained or energized around certain people or places. We might see coincidences or things that don't seem possible, but remind us that life might be more full of magic and mysticism than we think. So much is happening all of the time - all FOR you and for your  Journey i.e. Your Life. 

There are spiritual and energetic principles at play underneath, in-between, and within everything and everyone.

Imagine if you could learn how to leverage your mind, your body, your energy, to become more successful, and happier, where you're happy MOST of the time?

Imagine if you could use the Universal, energetic, quantum principles already at play and have the awareness to live life with ease, trust, and certainty because you're so present and in the moment, that you're able to see all the opportunities and the potential in your life? 

Imagine if you could gain more awareness so you can begin to live life with intention - how you really want to live, how you really want to feel - rather than by default - how you've been programmed throughout the years. 

I am living proof that it is possible. To feel light and joyful and vibrant and connected almost all of the time. I'm the one who brightens up the room when I walk in. I'm the one who brings the light to heavy situations. I'm the one who brings my relationships back to love when we feel distant. I live my dreams, and I leverage my mind. 

I am married with an amazing man, with beautiful children and I am doing what I am meant to do. I was able to change my entire story - I went from introvert, shy, hundreds of emails a day, stressed out, reactive, moody, argumentative, addicted and fearful - to the EXACT OPPOSITE. And the most beautiful part of it all - because we are all energy, and all connected- as I transformed, the people around me transformed. 

But I'm not perfect. I am a human being with growing pains, limiting beliefs, programs, stress. I am on the journey with you. There is nothing different between me and you. Only awareness. Only space. Only a choice. 

I chose a long time ago to live, not merely exist. 

I chose to bring the light to the world, even to those who others might say they don't deserve it. 

I chose to work everyday on a discipline of meditation and mindfulness so I can evolve and help the world evolve so we can one day live in harmony, coming back to our roots of connectedness and unconditional love. 

Because that is who we are meant to be. Connected. Whole. Complete. I complete you, and you complete me. Where the Earth is something sacred, something alive. Where you love me not because you know me, but because you know yourself. Where we all get just how magnificent we are and this journey is just that - remembering. 

If this resonates with you or you have a story to tell, tell me about it.