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Hi, I'm Monica. An inspirational speaker,writer, spiritual coach, and.png
When I started with Monica I was lost, still looking for my purpose. Within 6 months, I took on the challenge of 40 days of 4am Kundalini Yoga, became a certified yoga instructor AND landed an amazing job as the general manager of the studio I had just started working at when I started with Monica. Her guidance and support were huge factors in getting me where I am today. I am so thankful to her, and for her willingness to share herself with the world. Monica has a true gift of marrying a variety of transformational tools to help those looking to find a connection to their spiritual self, and to live an extraordinary life! I would recommend Monica to those open and ready to transform their lives!
— Susan Swartz, Spiritual Manager


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Monica's story of overcoming challenges, and finding triumphs in both her life and her business are inspirational and up-lifting. She has reinvented herself many times over and is the owner of multiple businesses. Through Spirituality, she was able leverage her spiritual practices to find fulfillment, peak drive and peace. 

Her passion is contagious. Her conviction is empowering. Her lessons create awakenings and shifts of perception that lead to change.