Hey You! I'm Monica. Welcome :)

I'm an awareness activist, speaker, and truth archeologist born in NYC and living in Miami. After searching my whole life for love and truth, I found that the answer lies within US and that all we need to do is uncover it.

In my past life I served humanity as an attorney, owning a progressive all-woman law firm that was on it's way to reaching millions in revenue, when I discovered my purpose of guiding people to awakening to their highest potential and so... I left. 

Today I create platforms for awakening, awareness and authenticity from the stage to online for both companies and individuals. I am a guide to bring you back to who you really are, using everyday life as a pathway to transcendence.  I am a mirror of love and an instrument of the Universe, showing you ways to liberate yourself from identities, beliefs, and your past. I am a teacher, inspiring you to awaken the potential that lies waiting inside of you patiently in the present moment. My global mission is to share this information and make it mainstream. If we really do have the ability to create and shape the fabric of our reality with our minds, why isn't this part of our life education? 


Awareness Weekend Experience

This is your call to uncover the potential that lies deep within you, patiently waiting for you to awaken to the secrets of the present moment.

Join us on September 29 and 30, for an experience of awareness and awakening where we will tread deeply into ourselves and each other, discovering, uncovering and recovering who we are. We will explore and dance and play in the magic of the present moment, basking in our own awareness and connecting with the awareness of the sisterhood that is created. 

It's your time to rise. Find all the details here

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Join my free 30 Days of Awareness Challenge! You'll receive a daily spiritual lesson with an exercise/tool every day for 30 days in your email box to apply to your life. 

Start your day with a 5 minute video and lesson that can be integrated into your day, for a month of living with intention. Gain insight into yourself, relationships and life and elevate your vibration with inspiration that will leave you feeling good, inspired and more peaceful. 

Along with your lesson, you'll also get to connect with other spiritual challengers on a journey just like you. If you feel the pull, join us. It's the principle of energetic attraction, bringing you in to connect with people just like you.

Excited to do this with you! xo


When I started with Monica I was lost, still looking for my purpose. Her guidance and support were huge factors in getting me where I am today. I am so thankful to her, and for her willingness to share herself with the world. Monica has a true gift of marrying a variety of transformational tools to help those looking to find a connection to their spiritual self, and to live an extraordinary life! I would recommend Monica to those open and ready to transform their lives!
— Susan Swartz, Spiritual Manager

Energy Success: Corporate Wellness

Improve focus, productivity, employee engagement and retention with Corporate Wellness. I blend the corporate world with that of ancient principles to bring your company practical and elevating tools that will help keep your staff happy and engaged. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, startups, and schools. 

Learn more about the topics I can bring to your company! I can also customize based on your needs, the needs of your company and company culture! 

Watch my TEDx Talk: The Power of Awareness

Speaking is my Passion. Learn my inspirational story of overcoming challenges, and finding triumphs in my life and business. I have reinvented herself many times over from attorney to Awareness Mentor. Through ancient principles and modern science, I was able leverage my mind to find fulfillment, peak drive and peace. 

Watch my TEDx talk by clicking the button below, and leave a comment or like it if you enjoyed it!  You can also read about my TEDx journey in my blog post here