Professional Speaking

My love for speaking was a surprise for me because for most of life I was an introverted person. Afraid to shine, afraid to be seen. But something happened on my first stage. I felt something. I felt alive. 

I have spoken for a variety of groups, demographics, ages, organizations. My background in law helps me connect with corporate and business settings, as well as bring the intangible and the ancient to the logic-favoring and modern audiences. 

My largest stage was 10,000 people in the Women's March in South Florida. And I just did my first TEDx talk in South Florida in April 2018.

My style is deep. I am an emotional, inspiring, heart-opening speaker with a sense of humor. I have been told I am relatable, powerful, and activating. 

Below are some of my most popular presentations. For any specific questions about my speaking, please email:


Signature presentations and Workshops

  • Aware Leadership: Using Awareness To Lead the World

  • Becoming a Disruptor: Using Mindfulness to Unlock Innovation

  • The Confidence Factor: Meditate Your Way to Being More Confident

  • Learning to Leverage Your Mindset: Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Ancient Principles for a High Performance Life

  • Building the Habit of Being Intentional

  • The Power of You: Accessing Awareness towards your Potential

  • Life Strategies Using the Power of Thought: Leveraging the Power We Have

    It has been scientifically proven that we possess the power to observe our reality into being just by using our mind. Get your mind blown with real-life scientific studies that prove that nothing is impossible and all can be done with the mind. Take home practical strategies applying the power of thought, spirituality and energetic practice to elevate your life, get things done, and expand your relationships.

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