Emotional Awareness is the Key to Change

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2018 has been all about emotional awareness for me. Getting control of my emotions - and now that I am finally in the driver's seat, I realize it's not my mind I had to master, it was my EMOTIONS that needed mastering. It is not what I thought about things, it is how I felt about them. 

Something happened, I interpreted it based on my beliefs, assumptions, expectations, which caused a feeling, which drove my behavior. The feeling however is the magnet. It contains the charge which together with a thought creates an energetic reaction. I saw it over and over again. Not only was this the case, my emotions were what drove whether I had peace or not. And PEACE is PRICELESS. When I'm peaceful, I'm happy. When I'm peaceful, I'm calm, I'm creative, intuitive, I'm everything I want to be. 

So I started to work on my emotions - how I felt about the facts in my life. I can't always change the facts, but I can change how I feel about them. And when I change how I feel about them, I affect them. I was able to change circumstances in my business by how I felt about them. I was able to wiggle out of challenges, create ideal outcomes just by changing how I felt about them. I was able to affect other people just by changing how I felt about them. Now, there were layers within these relationships that I once I dug in, I saw it led to unprocessed emotions, old memories and lots of unresolved feelings I had to face. But once I did - LIBERATION. And VOILA, it shifted like FUCKING MAGIC. Here's how it works:

Something happened years ago, and when you talk about it, you still get riled up by it. You can feel the emotional charge when you think about it. PERFECT thing to use. This tells me you have an unprocessed emotion in your body, an emotional charge which causes you to (1) get triggered whenever anything similar or that reminds you of this unconsciously (2) attract similiar patterns in your life - limiting opportunities for you to resolve this. 

Example: You got hurt by someone in your past - an ex, a friend, a parent, a boss. What we want to do is neutralize the way you feel about this memory. Remember, it's just information, you are the one creating meaning behind it, which continues to cause you to suffer. Ways to do this is first forgiving yourself - did you have expectations about how you should've handled it, or what you should've done or not done?

Next forgive the other, try to see why this may have happened. When I started to learn about how the brain works, and how habitual we are, it helped me find compassion easily. What also helped was to see what I gained from the situation - remember it's a spiritual journey, one that we have chosen - taking responsibility for everything that comes into my awareness, helped me forgive and to neutralize any emotions I had.

Check in with yourself by thinking about it. It should drum up a feeling in the body - a sensation, pressure, anxiety - witness it, observe it without labeling it. By doing this, you claim power over the emotion. Repeat this exercise until the feeling goes away. What you focus on expands - so watch out because you may create more of the same in your reality. See it as an opportunity to resolve this. Take the challenge. It's a great thing - remember this is blocking you from inner peace and possibly your dreams. When you reclaim this attention, this power, you can use it to create.

Let me know how it goes in the comments or if you need further assistance! Some of the ways I used this was - financial abundance, forgiveness, people, compassion, marriage, children, clients, arguments, etc.