How to Visualize What You Want {New Video}


Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool that is underutilized by everyday people. Corporations and professional athletes use it to get their wins and we can do it too.

Visualization can be used in anything and only takes a few minutes and some imagination to complete. Here are some reasons why you should start visualizing and make it into a daily practice:

  1. As the creator of your reality, you get to create the life you really want and desire. This happens through your mind (your thoughts) and body (your emotions/feelings). The life you are currently experiencing is one that was created based on your thinking. Change your thoughts, change your life. Your current thinking comes from past conditioning, and what felt most important. Neural pathways were created, and now you experience yourself as a habitual reaction to your life. With 60 to 70 thousand thoughts a day, and all creating some part of your reality, why not intentionally use it for good!

  2. It’s free and doesn’t take very long to do. You have every thing you need to visualize- you just need your mind! Create space for it every morning, before you start your day. Sit quietly for a few minutes and set your timer for 5 minutes.

  3. Visualization is a manifestation tool that can help you intentionally create what you want to see and experience. Close your eyes and think about how you want your day to go. Think about how you want your year to go. Think about how you want a certain conversation to go, or maybe how you’ve found the love of your life. Maybe it's a certain outcome or change of circumstances. Maybe it's a result you've been seeking, or how you want a conversation to go - anything can be imagined. Anything can be visualized. All you have to do is see and feel it. And guess what, the more you practice, the better you get at it. If you feel any resistance to this, you don't believe it to be true, you don't believe the content you are trying imagining to be true, remember, it's just your mind - its a program. Your mind is a walking artifact. It is supposed to store part information - it's part of your biological makeup. Just don't believe in the story. Just believe in the truth. You are powerful and can make shit happen with just your mind. Then, sit with the resistance and ask it what it needs from you right now. Why is it here? It is a part of you - one that was probably created to protect you or keep you safe. Have compassion for yourself, and go back to the visualization.

  4. Visualization is a scientifically proven tool - which is why corporations and athletes use it so much. Your brain doesn't know the difference between what you are imagining and real life. Your brain and body fires off as if you are truly having the experience! Try experiencing the situation from the place you want to see it. If you could choose how it is going to go, what would it look like? What would it feel like? And what has happened because of it? Feel it to be true. You have everything you need. You are powerful beyond measure, all you have to do is get your mind to believe.

  5. Watch my video on visualization and I’ll walk you through a real one!

Let me know how it went. What did you visualize? What did you experience or see? Write it in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!

Sending you power and presence this week!