Is Your View on Manifesting Limited?

The world has been on my mind lately. So much happening right now, I can't think of anything else. Maybe it's because I'm a parent, and I can't help but feel like it's my duty as a parent to do something. I see the faces of my beautiful, innocent children and I think about the world they may inherit.

The desecration of our beautiful home, our planet Earth, leaves me feeling like what will be left for them? Will their kids ever see the life and animals we have been so blessed to see? Or will they be told in myths and parts of stories as we smile and remember only in our memories what this life once looked like.

The way we treat each other - through privatized incarceration and systems, they way the world treats our women, our mothers, our children - if this is happening now, what will it be like, if we remain apathetic, in 20-30 years?

We are the most distracted we have ever been.
We are the most disconnected we have ever been.
We are the most divided we have ever been.

Most of us will not become activists. We will not stand in front of political offices or detention centers and protest.
Most of us will not dare try to break apart the systems, redefine our society constructs that have taken away our innocence, divide us and keep us small, and has made the world into something so unrecognizable.

What is left?

We can do nothing. Continue our daily lives. Distract ourselves with alcohol, shopping, watching TV, scrolling social media like robots while we wait for the next season of something as if the world isn't crumbling down around us.

We can do something, from exactly where we are.
I believe in energy and manifestation. I believe in our power to observe things into reality. I believe we are the Universe, that all is connected - you, me, the earth, ALL is one and one is ALL.

I believe if we believe enough in this power, we can alter the trajectory we are on just with our mind and bodies.


There are NO exceptions to the Universe. Not the President, not the systems, not the people, not the endangered animals, not the ozone layer, not the oceans, not the plastic in the oceans, not the immigrant children, NOTHING is an exception to the Universe.

This means, EVERYTHING is within our reach, within our power.

So let's start from the beginning.

Is your definition of Manifestation limited? If it is, we need to correct this because THIS IS YOUR POWER.

Don't worry, I've got a video to share for this. All it takes is 7+ minutes of your time.