Why YOU Should Go to the Women's Success Summit this November 19-21

TBT 5 years ago... I had just launched RKE Law Group only a few months prior with one of my partners. I was so young and new at EVERYTHING business. In an effort to bring in clients, I went to a BNI meeting (which I am still a part of and it's awesome), to see if I could join. I chose like the biggest group in Miami Dade to join so of course my category was already taken. But something magical happened that day. A women stood up during the meeting and mentioned she was going to this awesome event for women entrepreneurs right after and how amazing it way. So I went.. I was so happy I did. I learned more than I could imagine and met people I am still friends with today. I had no idea something so awesome existed and seeing this dynamic woman on stage (Michelle Villalobos, founder of the Summit) motivated the hell out of me. Here is a picture of me at my first summit: 

EWSS III-3129 copy.jpg

Yep, that's me in the center. I felt just like I look- happy and in LOVE with the Summit. I wanted to be up there. I wanted to be like the women up on stage, making an impact and just being awesome and successful. I am visual so the best way for me to describe what happened to me that day is this: I went from being a Black & White TV to Color. From Analog to Digital. From flip phone to SMART. You get my drift. 

From then on I kept attending. It kept me motivated and inspired. Provided me with the tools I needed to be different and get clients. I quickly grew my law firm, and the minute I had the money I sponsored the event. I did this 3 or 4 times in a row and each time I got clients, I met incredible women, and I got up on stage. We got up there and sang one year. Another one we told our story. It was so empowering. Did you know that I had a HUGE fear of public speaking and the Summit is how I got over it? Yeah. Pure Awesomeness. 

And after all of this, I decided this year that I wanted to do my own conference. One where mindset and spirituality was integrated with business. And just 3 days later, Michelle Villalobos came into my office for a half-day session we had purchased and invited us to be a part of her Summit. Talk about manifestation! So now I am happy to say I am co-producing the Summit with Michelle and my partner Alexandra (owner of Embrace the Esquire), and guess what else? This year it has been expanded to include Mindset and Impact. So not only do you get all of the amazing value for your Business, you also get tools and topics surrounding your Mindset and how to best Impact the planet. 

Did you know that the Women's Success Summit was also just listed as one of the top 8 Conferences to go to this year? Check it out!

So here's the thing. You need to take an action to go. You need to register. But its' super easy and  so worth it. You can do it here.  

Early Bird Pricing just got extended to October 31- it was supposed to end today. We WILL sell out of this event this year ladies. 

And if you want to take it up a notch and sponsor this year, send me an email or message and I'll tell you about my experience, and what we have available. You can email me at mreyes@rkelawgroup.com. 

With Lots of Love,


P.S. I also have this really awesome Kundalini Yoga and Business Awareness Workshop tomorrow. If you haven't already RSVP'd please do so. You know who you are! :) We have a limited amount of space.