Staying Motivated When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

When we feel numb or lack motivation, it feels impossible to grow our business or show up in life. Life is made up of cycles with ups and downs, so knowing how to react to these "lows" are essential to keeping momentum in your life and stay awake to opportunities. It is also important for our happiness and mental sanity. 

So how do we do this? How do we stay motivated when we feel like crap? 

1. BE PRESENT. Staying mindful and present is key here. You can do this by using your breath and body awareness. The presence is where the magic happens and where we are most happiest. We lose this when we are worried about the past or the future. 

2. GET UP AND MOVE. Our physiology has everything to do with how we feel. If you slump over or have a depressed posture, you will feel this same way emotionally and mentally. Do like Bob Marley and Get up, Stand up! Move your body and shake it off and you will literally shake off your funk.

3. DO SOMETHING THAT EXCITES YOU. Create opportunities where you feel excited and passionate. This can be dancing, being creative, being around people or working out. Do what works for you. This will create a feeling of inspiration and euphoria, the fuel behind motivation. 

4. GRATITUDE. What can you be thankful for right now? Sure, you're life isn't perfect, it won't ever be, so being thankful RIGHT NOW is vital to getting motivated. 

Here are the full steps and explanations: 



Alright, hope this helps! Please let me know what you think and as always, let me know what you want to hear!