If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what would you be doing today?

This past week I signed up to become a member of this awesome community space called the Center for Social Change. During the member orientation, I was asked, "If you knew that you would die tomorrow, what would you be doing today?"

I love these thought provoking questions because they shock you into thinking about things outside of your daily routine forcing you to think and tap into your creativity. 

So what would you do? Would you spend your last day working at your 9-5? Would you spend it worrying about paying your bills or that the kitchen isn't clean? Would you leave the Earth stressed and worried? 

It was interesting to listen to the various answers that were said. One guy said he wanted to do lots of drugs and have lots of sex lol. The whole room of course chuckled at this answer but it was so honest. 

For the most part, the entire room said they wanted to be with family or away traveling and doing something really awesome. They all wanted to be surrounded by love and doing things that mattered and that they've always wanted to do. 

But why do we wait until our last moments to do this? Why do we wait until literally the day we die to do the things that matter in our lives or the things we've always wanted to do? Why wait? Why not do it now? Why do we continue to live the life we hate or aren't jumping up and down with joy for? Why do we stay in a relationship that we aren't passionate about or just kinda happy with? Why not be in one with someone we are crazy about? Why not live a life we are crazy about? And do things that make our heart sing? Why are we living life kinda happy? 

This is the sort of realization I had when I was on top of a mountain in the middle of the ocean on my honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands. I invested $200,000 and 3.5 years of my life in a career I was kinda happy with, but was giving me panic attacks. What the hell was I doing? Why was I slaving away when I only have one life?  Why the hell wasn't I enjoying my life NOW? I was so stressed during my honeymoon it was hard at first to enjoy the incredible beauty of the island and just to relax. It was this discovery that led me to choose to be happy now. To make the decision to live my life in a way that some might not agree with but to me, it was the only way. So I left my law firm and followed my heart. 

Following your heart is a daily decision. We need to first know what it means and feels to follow our hearts. I meet so many women who are just like me. They focused their entire lives on their professional lives and careers and then they have an oh shit moment. What now?? Who the hell am I? What do I want? 

My answer to this is this: 

You are SO lucky. You're lucky you didn't wait or have this Oh Shit moment when you found out you were going to die tomorrow. You are finding this out NOW when you have the WHOLE REST OF YOUR LIFE to live! How amazing is this!!

All it takes is a shift. A shift in perspective of I have so much missing in my life, to this is space for something new and exciting. When we look at our lives this way, we bring in gratitude, the energy that will shift your circumstances. 

Listen. The key to this journey is listening. Listening with your heart and your feelings.  Take note of your feelings as your daily life happens. What do you love doing? What excites you? If you can't hear anything, be still. Slow down for 3 minutes and meditate. If you don't have time for this, do you have time to feel like shit? Everything in our lives is a choice. 

Stay open and take action.  Once you find a way, any way, even if it's out of left field, explore it. We have tunnel vision in our own lives. The Universe on the other hand knows what we don't know and knows what's best for us. Try it, do it, take the leap. What's the worst thing that could happen? You might be the happiest you've ever dreamed of? 

This journey back to you, is the most beautiful journey you will every take of unfolding and becoming. It is what we are here for. To figure out who we are and as we love ourselves more because we are finally being who we are meant to be, we end up loving others more. It makes the world a better place. 

Don’t wait to begin your life, or live your dream. Find out more about my Next Level You Strategy Day and how you can move forward powerfully!

Until next time beauties!


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