Monotasking in the Workplace

Have you heard of the term Monotasking yet? 

It's when you focus on one task at a time, versus multitasking where you focus on a variety of tasks at a time. 

What's interesting is for the longest time, people believed that multitasking was a great quality. We even put it on resumes as a skill. 

But there’s a lot of different research showing that if you do several different things at one time, you make so many errors, it’s done carelessly, you have to go back and redo things, other people have to correct you. So now there’s more of a shift towards ‘How do we train our brains to do one thing at a time again with total attention?' -->THE ART OF MONOTASKING.

So what exactly are the benefits of monotasking? You are left feeling more focused and with greater clarity to work strategically because you have your full attention in one place, all your creativity channeled to one task. 

Companies are seeing this as now seeing this as performance enhancement which boots productivity and ultimately profit. 

Are you a multitaskter or a monotasker? I'd love to hear your comments!