Feel it. See it. Be it.

Wow! This year has been one hell of a year already!! Scared the crap out of myself a few times, but it was all worth it. Limits give us comfort, that's why they're there. So when we push them, the process can be a little scary.

This has been the theme of my year so far. Pushing my limits.

As you may know if you've been following my journey, I had a HUGE fear of public speaking. Terrified of connection, vulnerability, authenticity and communication, aka PEOPLE. So instead of running towards them, I'd run away. I'd avoid conflict and all conversations generally, especially with strangers. I was super comfortable with the comfortable. Until one day, I decided to change all of that. A simple (not easy) decision.

So after pushing myself for about a couple years now, into this new realm of public speaking, I am happy to say I am done being afraid of it. So much so, that I actually love it. 

My dream has always been to speak about things that I'm passionate about and that matter to the world on stages that create change. My big dream is to travel the world as a global leader of change, speaking my passion about humanity and compassion as a humanitarian to inspire change in the world. 

About a couple of months ago when this all showed up for me in a meditation, I decided that this was going to happen and so I started to visualize it. 

Then a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to apply to speak in front of a crowd of 10,000 people about my message, and so I applied - what the hell, right?

And when I got selected, I don't think I understood the magnitude of this until... I got on stage. 

Being terrified was an understatement LOL! You could feel the energy of the crowd penetrating your veins. It was so overwhelming. 

But thank goodness I had visualized this moment over and over again in the days leading up to this event, so I was able to get myself centered quickly as I had done so many times in my visualization. 

You see breaking limits are scary because we don't know what's beyond them. What would we see or feel? What would the consequence be? Can I handle it? 

But when you experience it a few times before it actually happens, it takes some of the "scary" out of it. 

So I invite you to try to live more intentionally. You can do this on a daily basis or right before you're about to break the rooftop off. 
What does it feel like? 
What do you see? 
Who do you need to be? 
Connect to it. Feel it. See it. BE IT. 

I use this technique (modified and expanded of course) with myself and my clients and the outcome is INCREDIBLE.

Want more confidence? 
Want less fear?
Want more love? 
Want more power? 

Visualize it. 

You are SO powerful. All you have to do is believe. 

Watch my speech here: