The Stranger Myth: We Were Meant to Meet

You're waiting in line at the coffee shop and the person behind you sparks up a conversation with you about the scones. Next thing you know, you exchange something unexpected - maybe a message you were waiting for. Maybe a lesson or reminder. Maybe even just a smile that you needed. How did they know? What a coincidence! Right when I needed it! How is that possible? 

Ever have a moment of reflection like that? Well I'm here to tell you that strangers are not real. There is no such thing as a stranger. I know - I know. You're mom told you not to say hello to strangers. Meaning, don't talk to anyone you don't already know, except for friends, family etc. Which may be why it might be hard for you to get comfortable with speaking to people you don't know - just a quick note. But I'm here to debunk your mom, and here's why... 

Let's start from the beginning. Can you agree with me that there are no coincidences? There is a certain "order" in the Universe that orchestrates the world with a certain precision or intelligence. Therefore there are no "coincidences" or "mistakes". Because if there were, then we would be saying that there is a flaw or mistake in the fabric of the Universe and that is false. Based on the fact that there are no coincidences or mistakes, then there must be a purpose for everything. Everything is intentionally created. If it wasn't supposed to be there, it just wouldn't be. If it exists, there must have been a reason for it's existence or else it wouldn't exist at all. The mere existence of something, tells us there is a purpose. So based on this idea, people can never be "strangers". This is what I call the Divinity of Relationships. 

Let's go back to the coffee shop example. Although you may not personally know (or think you know) the person who sparks up a conversation with you, based on the Divinity of Relationships, you were both supposed to be there at that exact moment, standing in line next to each other. If you weren't both meant to be there, then you just wouldn't be there or someone would be minutes late, and the encounter would never happen. Therefore it is a Divine Encounter , an encounter of purpose and meaning. What's interesting is that because most of us carry that old "Don't talk to strangers" tape in our heads from childhood, we don't see the opportunity of speaking with people we don't know. 

Let's take it back to the coffee shop. The Divinity of Relationships tells us that based on the ancient spiritual principles and science of energy, every single person at the coffee shop at that exact moment or any given moment, is supposed to be there. Therefore, theoretically if you went up to every single person and sparked up a conversation, there would be meaning in the encounter for you or for them. No mistakes or coincidences! 

The realization of this idea has transformed how I see my life. I used to be super shy and uncomfortable with speaking to people I didn't know. But once I realized that I was missing out on opportunities - opportunities to learn or teach, and they were all meant for me - no matter where I was - then I shifted my perspective and now I make a point to speak to anyone I can. 

Sometimes it's just a smile or a hello. Maybe its being compassionate to someone if they are in a bad mood or having a bad day. Maybe it's a conversation so they know they matter. Whoever it is, I try to leave them in a better place than when they met me. It has become a way of being and it's made me happier because I'm in alignment with the natural flow of the Universe (rather than resistance) and I'm giving the gift of attention. It's a win win. Not to mention, I always gain something too. Maybe it's the smile I need, or a message, or a connection. It's an opportunity that we usually miss because we think we are separate. We are all connected, all one, all a piece of the fabric of the Universe. One love, baby. 

I challenge you to debunk the Stranger Myth this week. Try it out - see every encounter as an opportunity. Could be on the phone with customer service or at the coffee shop. Maybe it's a birthday party or the ladies bathroom. No coincidences. No mistakes.