Love is Who We Are.


As a mom with 2 kids, and EVERYTHING else I do currently - I can lose myself quickly. I used to feel guilty anytime I'd lose my patience or when I'd get frustrated and flustered. Then I realized- I'm not perfect, I will never be perfect, and that is OK because I am human and I need to ALWAYS be growing, especially as a Spiritual Teacher. 

When you allow acceptance into your life, the energy shifts from resistance to flow. It becomes a beautiful opportunity every time, and you can actually see it that way. Now, it is not always easy, believe me. When I'm knee high with Barbies, paint, slime and also trying to answer client texts and emails - I get stressed. But this is where I have learned to let love lead. 

Love is what and who we are. It is fear and everything else that we have learned and become. This is evident by nature - everything flows with loving kindness. The bee doesn't hate you when it stings you. The flower doesn't get frustrated when it cannot reach the light. The sun doesn't feel competitive over the moon. There is only love. 

So when we can tap into this ourselves - love for ourselves, love for each other, letting go of the resistance, shaking off the stagnation, releasing anything we are holding on to, and instead loving and being here - JUST HERE, right now with ourselves, with each other, we are ALWAYS at our best. Because our best is who we really are. When we think too much or limit ourselves or others, we put up walls, protection, ego, judgment - fear runs the show. 

So here are some ways to invite more love into your body, mind and life:

  1. Meditate - meditation slows your mind down, it connects you to the parts of your brain that activate empathy, altruism, compassion, overriding the limbic fear and stress response part of your brain. It also allows you to stop reacting, see the world for what it really is - love and information, rather than any past meanings we have created in our minds. Here is one of my favorites that will open your heart. CLICK HERE
  2. Allow- bring love in, requires us to allow it in. We must be open to receive as there is a flowing through that happens. If we resist it because of fear or judgment, we stop the flow in our lives and into the collective. Allow it in - be vulnerable, and open. Love fearlessly and don't expect anything in return. 
  3. Accept- we must accept who we have become and who we see others as in order to bring more love into our lives. When we don't accept, we create resistance in our minds which causes suffering. We become uneasy about things and again stop the flow. Accept and you shall see things move. 
  4. Respond- Life is simply responding back to you at every moment - an energetic reflection of you. Everything - us, you, me, everything belong to a fluid field of energy that is who we are, within us, through us, and connects us. Thus, everything that comes into your awareness is feedback or a response to you. Learn to simply respond back. Anything other than simply responding back to this information is resistance. 

When we learn to become more aware, we can do all of these thing with ease, because it is our true essence. Awareness allows us to tap into this true part of ourselves. Everything that isn't awareness isn't who we REALLY are - it is the parts of us that hold on, resist, fear and judge. 

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