How Often Do You Use Your "Powers"?

The day I found out the "secret" about the Universe, I remember feeling almost upset that I hadn't learned it earlier. That the first part of my life was a sham - so much unneeded suffering. I eventually got over it as I became more aware, more connected, realizing that I wasn't ready to receive the information, which is why I hadn't learned it until then. But at the time, I couldn't understand why I wasn't taught that in school. Rather than learning theories and taking classes that I would never use in real life, why wasn't I taught about my inherent power of intelligence? Why wasn't I taught that I could collapse invisible waves of information into particles of my desire using my thoughts and feelings? Why wasn't I taught how to meditate or that mindfulness would expand my brain so much that I could become smarter, sharper and better at dealing with the stresses of life?  That would've been helpful!!

So when I had the chance, I left my old career of being an attorney so I can educate the world of this Truth. My goal is that one day it will be in schools, that this knowledge will be so mainstream and stop being classified as WOO WOO.

And when I became a mom, it became a part of my mission to educate my kids about the Truth about who they are. My daughter, now 5, knows about her chakras, that she is energy and is a part of everything in her reality. She knows the trees are alive and that we are all connected. She knows she has "powers" and has used it already to manifest things in her life. 

The other day my mom was in town visiting, and told me this story of their escapades out and about. They were in search of a store to buy something she needed for school. When they got to the store, it looked as if it were closed. My mom said, "Oh, I hope it's open!" My daughter replied with, "Abu, if you believe it will be open, it will be. That's how it works." 

It makes me so happy to know that she is already learning this information, about who she is - creative potential. That she is connected to others - so she can recognize herself in others. That she is connected to the Earth and that it is alive - so she can begin to take care of it. She is using this everyday and it has become who she is. This is what the future of our human race needs- for us all to wake up.

Now, if you are reading this, there is a part of you that believes you also have powers. You believe you can manifest, make things happen with your mind. The problem I see in working with my students is that they don't 100% believe they create the reality around them. There is a limited view on their own manifesting powers. You co-create the ENTIRE reality you see. That's right, YOU. For some reason, there is a manifesting movement right now that shows us we write things down or think about the things we desire, and then we try to manifest them. And if we don't see a fast turnaround (like we do with everything else in our lives) we don't believe it's really happening. But if you're a big dreamer like I am, just imagine what might need to happen in order to make your dreams a reality. Things need to be built or broken down. People need to shift around. You need to be ready and have created space for this thing you've asked for. Subtle shifts occurring in the Universe that you can't see. But believe it. You've got powers, baby.

So how am I so damn sure? Well for starters, it's been proven. I've read the research on how just by observing i.e. thinking, we can collapse the wave-particle function , i.e. manifest. I've also experienced this for years myself. I think and I see it happen. And the more aware I become - because it neverends - you think you're aware now, but believe me, you never stop - I see more and feel more. 

So I want to ask you, how often are you using your powers? Daily? Weekly? Only when you do a vision board or when you have time to journal? If you really believed in all of this, wouldn't you only focus on what you want ALL THE TIME? Why would you focus on anything else??

This should be a daily and then moment to moment practice. Practice being present as often as you can remember. Start your day off with a meditation and visualization, then think about the intentions you want to set. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you need to be today? You'll realize how much faster and efficient life will become once you work smarter - using your mind, using intentions - rather than harder - more doing, acting. 

Connect to the ideal version of you - because in some potential reality, the happy, healthy version of you ALREADY exists. You just need to let her show up and you can do this by BEING her already. Don't get tripped up with what your reality looks like and that "something" needs to occur first. Just BElieve it. And then let me know. Because I love hearing these stories! And if you have one that I believe will help the world, I'll interview you for my book coming out this Winter. 

Stay Mindful,