Redefine Yourself.

You think you are your name. You think you are this identity. This is only a part of who you are. You are SO MUCH MORE than this name. You are undefinable. 

We limit ourselves by our own identity and who we think we are in the world. You have defined yourself based on how you see yourself, your behavior, your action, what you look like - your personality. Even if you think highly of yourself, you think you are the best at everything you do- it is still limited. Because you are undefinable. 

You have limited yourself within flesh and skin-like boundaries, a beginning and an end where the environment meets you and you meet it. But this is false. It is an illusion. There is no boundary. You are the environment. You are all of it. You are me too. You are all of us. You are everything. 

How different would life be like if you were coming from that place as if it were real. As if it were true? How would it affect your decision-making if you woke up every morning as if you were the Universe, and not you - the you who slept on the wrong side of the bed, or the you that needs coffee to wake up, or the you that needs to brush your teeth? What if you woke up like - I am the coffee and I am the toothbrush. And I am the sun. And I am the sky. And I am the galaxies, and my strangers, and the ocean, and the roots in the ground. I not only created it all, but I AM All of it. Powerful enough to keep the earth orbiting around the sun. Powerful to keep the tides rising. Powerful to give the sun it's light. Powerful to give the stars in the night sky it's twinkle. Powerful enough to keep the plants breathing and make babies in my belly and to keep my heart beating without trying to. 

You are powerful my dear. All you have to do is believe. Redefine yourself today as undefinable. This is you.