Intuition vs. Ego

Being human, allows us to experience the world through 2 different ways: the Self and the Ego. When we experience life through the Self or Spirit, we are aligned with our dharma, our path. We experience life as limitless possibilities and in a high vibration. We experience miracles, blessings and synchronicities, where life just seems to be working for us. Everything is going our way. We feel in control and intuned, attracting our desires and experiencing joy and fulfillment. When we experience life through the Ego, we look at life with fear-colored glasses. We are afraid to try new things, we judge moments and people, we fail to use creativity in our lives and our decisions and we do what we've always done. Through this experience, we feel disconnected, alone, afraid and weak. We forget that we are apart of the whole and life seems very unpredictable and scary. Every moment, we have a choice to decide how we want to live our life. Though Spirit or through Ego. When we live life through Spirit, we have full access and hear our intuition clearly. Our intuition is our inner GPS system that guides us along our spiritual journey, telling us to move forward or step back. When we are living in fear and through Ego, we have lots of noise in our mind and can usually not hear our intuition very well. Even if we did, because we are living in this way, there is a lack of trust that exists, which leads to more bad choices which leads to more mistrust. Check out my video below for tips on how to hear the difference- how to listen to our intuition. I even threw in a bonus meditation for you to start activating your intuition. Hope you enjoy!



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