Intuition vs. Ego

Being human, allows us to experience the world through 2 different ways: the Self and the Ego. When we experience life through the Self or Spirit, we are aligned with our dharma, our path. We experience life as limitless possibilities and in a high vibration. We experience miracles, blessings and synchronicities, where life just seems to be working for us. Everything is going our way. We feel in control and intuned, attracting our desires and experiencing joy and fulfillment. When we experience life through the Ego, we look at life with fear-colored glasses. We are afraid to try new things, we judge moments and people, we fail to use creativity in our lives and our decisions and we do what we've always done. Through this experience, we feel disconnected, alone, afraid and weak. We forget that we are apart of the whole and life seems very unpredictable and scary. Every moment, we have a choice to decide how we want to live our life. Though Spirit or through Ego. When we live life through Spirit, we have full access and hear our intuition clearly. Our intuition is our inner GPS system that guides us along our spiritual journey, telling us to move forward or step back. When we are living in fear and through Ego, we have lots of noise in our mind and can usually not hear our intuition very well. Even if we did, because we are living in this way, there is a lack of trust that exists, which leads to more bad choices which leads to more mistrust. Check out my video below for tips on how to hear the difference- how to listen to our intuition. I even threw in a bonus meditation for you to start activating your intuition. Hope you enjoy!



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5 Ways to Stay Grounded When You're Having a Spiritual "Off" Day

I wish I could tell you that everyday will be filled with rainbows and butterflies. I wish I could tell you that you're going to feel amazing every single day, and there won't be downturns in your life. I would be lying. I also would be doing a disservice to you.

You see, our lives would be quite different without these downturns. We would be bland and exactly the same. The downturns are what shape us, refine us, humble us. They etch our "realness" into us so we can effectively help and serve humanity. They allow us to connect and to FEEL. They bring us perspective and strength. They are what make us human. I wouldn't want it any other way. 

There is a beauty in the breakdown, in the destruction of something old. In that destruction, lies a seed of new and better. And in new and better lies your happiness. It's the learning of life, and as we master each component, we grow and shape into who we're meant to be. Some of the learning is really hard and freaking sucks. And as you push yourself towards self-discovery, there is A LOT of learning. But what's right around the corner, is A LOT of happiness. A different kind of happiness. A deeper happiness. 

So how do we stay grounded and hunker down during our "learning time" or when we're having an "off" day?

  1. Remember You are Not alone. "The presence of fear is a sign, you're relaying on your own strength." - A Course of Miracles. We are not alone! We are SO far from it! The Universe has our back at all times. The world is a scary place when you think about about how small and fragile you are in this big unpredictable, scary world. But if you remember that you not only have your own strength to rely on, but the strength of the Universe, it's not so scary. And if you remember that at all times we are co-creating our lives with the Universe, all of a sudden we feel a little more powerful.  When was the last time you asked the Universe for direction or clarity on a situation? If it is anything less than daily, it's time to start. Especially when you're feeling down or powerless. Ask the Universe for strength or gratitude or love. Whatever you feel at the moment will bring you out of the funk. 

  2. Connect to Love. Love and fear cannot exist at the same time. So if you're feeling down, purposefully connect to love. Get around kids or puppies. Volunteer or serve. Get in front of nature or call your best friend. If you ask the Universe that this is what you need, the Universe will provide you with the way, the opportunity for love. Gratitude is the fastest way to raise your vibration. The first thing I tell my client when they sign on with me is to start a daily gratitude list. 5 Things they are grateful for (1 about themselves). This connects you to the vibration of gratitude, your heart opens, and you begin to align and attract what you love and desire. When our vibration is low, we are negative and we align and attract  things that are low in vibration such as sickness, disease, lack, bad luck etc. 
  3. Get Reconnected to the Universe. Meditation and practicing mindfulness are the best tools for reconnecting to the Universe. By practicing either of these, your capacity of awareness increases, allowing you to catch limiting behavior so you can correct it. You begin to live in the present more often so you are out of your head and out of the past and future. Your stress is reduced significantly and your ability to be neutral during tough times are increased. You'll probably experience synchronicities or coincidences more often, as you align and become more in tuned with the rhythm of the Universe. You'll feel lighter, and things will flow more easily. 
  4. Breathe. When in doubt, breathe. It's free, and always with you at all times. It is run by the intelligence of the Universe, so it will always bring you back to the present. Just breathe, focus on your breathing, and reconnect to the beauty of the stillness that lives within you. This will ground you immediately to the NOW. The now is where your power lies. You lose your power when you are in the past (because you can't change it), and when you are in the future (because it is uncertain and unknown). All you ever have is NOW. 
  5. Accept the moment. Accept the moment as if you have chosen it. A quote from Eckart Tolle that impacted me the most in my life. This forces you to embrace where you are, which is the first step to changing your life. You cannot move on from where you are until you embrace and accept where you are. This also shifts your perspective from reaction to empowerment. A key element to being happy and positive.

These are just 5 ways to get you grounded. There are so many tools and ways available to us to keep us rooted during tumultuous times. The goal is to find the balance between rooted and flexible. We want to be grounded and solid but we also want to be able to flow with change and remain flexible to what life brings our way. Being too attached to anything- the way you do things, even being attached to having a good day, is not healthy and can keep us stuck. Accepting that life is always changing, that everything is temporary and has an impermanence to it, is important and helpful. Life will have it's ups and downs, it is how you react that makes all the difference. 

A phrase that got me through some of the hardest times was, "This too shall pass". And it always does. The sun will always shine after the darkness, because that is the cycle of life. And we are a part of that cycle. 

Share any other tips and tools that you use to get through these times, I'd love to hear them! If you're still having a hard time, I have a formula I use to get through any situation or block I'd love to share with you. Let's Chat!

Sending you all Spiritual Success!